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Chicken gyoza truffle ponzu sauce, katsuobushi
38 Lei
270 gr
Salata Caesar Chicken breast, Chinese cabbage, baked garlic, cherry tomatoes, rice chips 270g
32 Lei
270 gr
Crunchy broccoli peanuts, pickled shallots, sambal
42 Lei
300 gr
Grilled calamari tentacle charred broccoli stem, chilli romesco sauce, lemon, basil
44 Lei
270 gr
Foie Gras Torchon peach marmalade with orange, white wine crystals, crunchy almonds and salted caramel 150g
94 Lei
150 gr
Tuna rice cakes scallions, soy sauce
42 Lei
230 gr
Beef tartare soy cured egg yolk, Japanese mayo
59 Lei
210 gr
Steamed Bao buns pork belly, pickles, coriander
38 Lei
240 gr